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Birthdate:Nov 5
Dave used to be a surly, unpleasant, and oversized law student who studied hard, partied very little, and played a mean game of basketball.

Then he found himself, rather unexpectedly, in the middle of a magical land that needed his help - and it turns out that sometimes, if you're a big guy who can bowl people over on the basketball court, you might also be able to kill things pretty easily with an axe.

Sometimes, even if you're a surly and unpleasant fellow who's not particularly clever or witty or wise, you might end up helping to save the world.

And even when you're back in Canada, and in a good job, and patching things up with your family, and living, in general, in the world you were born in - some things, you don't forget.

[OOC: Dave Martyniuk is from The Fionavar Tapestry and belongs to Guy Gavriel Kay, not to me! I am merely playing him for fun and profit in [info]milliways_bar.]
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